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12th chemistry TM unit test lesson 16 and 17

Written By REMO RK on Sep 2, 2012 | September 02, 2012

12th chemistry Tamil Medium  unit test lesson 16 and 17

Tamilnadu state board plus two chemistry unit wise test for chapter 16 and 17.
Please download and write the test . 
It is helpful for you scoring good marks in annual exams.

In this 16 th lesson name is: Hydroxy derivatives

In this 17th  lesson name is: Ether 

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No.General Knowledge QuestionAnswer
1The river Volga flows out into theCaspian sea
2The coldest place on the earth isVerkoyansk in Siberia
3The country which ranks second in terms of land area isCanada
4The largest Island in the Mediterranean sea isSicily
5The river Jordan flows out into theDead sea


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