Nov 26, 2013


GK Quiz:0006 General Science for all exams -tnpsc group-2 online exams

GK Quiz:0006 General Science for all exams


This Exams Mainly helps in All Competitive exams.
This exam helps for the following exams: Tnpsc all exams,TET, SSC exams, IBPS exams, RRB, Bank exams, IAS, IPS Exams

1.Fishes are a good source of
A) lipids
B) carbohydrates
C) fats
D) protein


2.The process of taking food into the body is called
A) Absorption
B) Assimilation
C) Digestion
D) Ingestion


3.The mode of nutrition in amoeba is
A) holophytic
B) holozoic
C) parasitic
D) saprophytic


4.The food vacuole in amoeba is
A) plasma membrane
B) vacuole
C) food vacuole
D) pseudopodia


5.Amoeba sent out undigested food from the body through
A) food foot
B) contractile vacuole
C) false foot
D) body surface

body surface  

6. The secretion of salivary gland is called
A) Bile
B) Saliva
C) Mucus
D) Starch


7. An enzyme found in the saliva is
A) pectinase
B) mucin
C) amylase
D) pepsin


8.The crescograph was invented by an Indian scientist known as
A) J.C. Bose
B) Sir C.V. Raman
C) Venkata Raman
D) Chandrasekar

J.C. Bose 

9. Mycotrophic nutrition is observed in
A) algae
B) euglena
C) paramecium
D) hydra


10.Amoeba belongs to the class of
A) sarcodina
B) ciliata
C) insecta
D) monera


11.All the unicellular eukaryotes are classified under
A) monera
B) protista
C) animalia
D) plantae


12.The organism which is considered as the first formed in the world is
A) algae
B) fungi
C) bacteria
D) virus


13.The scientist belongs to Dutch was
A) Carolinas Linnaeus
B) Charles Darwin
C) Aristotle
D) Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek 

14.The father of bacteriology is
A) Carolinas Linnaeus
B) Charles Darwin
C) Aristotle
D) Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek  

15.Bacteria was discovered in the year
A) 1975
B) 1675
C) 1673
D) 1670


16.Unicellular algae grouped under the kingdom of
A) protista
B) fungi
C) plantae
D) animalia


17.Multicellular algae grouped under
A) protista
B) fungi
C) plantae
D) animalia


18.Cynobacteria refers to
A) red algae
B) blue green algae
C) brown algae
D) green algae

blue green algae 

19.Five kingdom of classification was proposed by
A) Carolus Linnaeus
B) John Roy
C) R.H. Whittaker
D) Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

R.H. Whittaker   

20.R.H. Whittakar proposed five kingdom classification in the year of
A) 1963
B) 1973
C) 1996
D) 1969


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