Nov 18, 2013


Quiz:002 General Science for all exams -Tnpsc group-2 exam quiz

1.Deficiency of iodine causes,
[A] anaemia-
[C] goitre

2.The cork cells are firstly observed by
A) Charles Darwin
B) Robert Brown
C) Robert Hooke
D) J.E. Purkingee

Robert Hooke

3.'Cell digestion' is the main function of .....
A) Nucleus
B) Nucleolus
C) Centrosome
D) Lysosome


4.The organells help in transportation materials of into a cell
A) Lysosome
B) Mitocondria
C) Nucleus
D) Endoplasmic reticulum

Endoplasmic reticulum

5.The shape of the Nucleus is
A) oval
B) spherical
C) elongated
D) rod


6.The main function of centrosome is
A) cell digestion
B) cell secretion
C) cell division
D) cell inspiration

cell division

7.The organelle is absent in plant cell is
A) vacuoles
B) centrosome
C) lysosome
D) plastid


8.The chemical found in the plant cell is
A) Lignin
B) Cellulose
C) Sucrose
D) Steroid


9.Chloroplast helps in
A) respiration
B) storage
C) photosynthesis
D) colomation


10.The controlling centre of the cell is
A) Nucleus
B) Nucleolus
C) Mitochondria
D) Lysosome


11.The basic structural and functional unit of all living organism is
A). bone
B) muscle
C) tissue
D) cell


12.The first man to invent cell was
A) Robert Hooke
B) Robertson
C) Purkinjee
D) Mendel

Robert Hooke

13.Robert Hooke named the chamber as cell in the year
A) 1675
B) 1665
C) 1655
D) 1645


14.Nucleus was discovered by
A) Robert Hooke
B) Robert Brown
C) Robertson
D) Purkinjee

Robert Brown

15.Cells with incipient nucleus are called as
A) Prokaryotic cells
B) Eukaryotic cells
C) Polysomes
D) Coenocytic cells

Prokaryotic cells

16.Cell with well defined nucleus are known as
A) Prokaryotic cells
B) Eukaryotic cells
C) Polysomes
D) Coenocytic cells

Eukaryotic cells

17.The term protoplasm was coined by
A) Robert Hooke
B) Robert Brown
C) J.E. Purkinjee
D) J.J. Thomson

J.E. Purkinjee

18.The cell organelle is present between the plasma membrane and nucleus is
A) cytoplasm
B) nucleolus
C) cell wall
D) protoplasm


19.The cell organelle which carries genetic characters from generation to generation is
A) cytoplasm
B) ribosome
C) mitochondria
D) nucleus


20.The organelle separates proteins from the ingested food and give strength to the cells is
A) Golgi bodies
B) Nucleus
C) Mitochondria
D) Ribosomes

Golgi bodies

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