Nov 27, 2013


Quiz:007 General Science for all exams -tnpsc group-2 online exams

GK Quiz:007 General Science for all exams


This Exams Mainly helps in All Competitive exams.
This exam helps for the following exams:
Tnpsc all exams,TET, SSC exams, IBPS exams, RRB, Bank exams, IAS, IPS Exams

1._________helps to identify the living organisms easily
A) nomenclature
B) identification
C) classification
D) ordering


2.The father of medicine is
A) Hippocrates
B) R.H. Whittakar
C) Caroius Linnaeus
D) Anton Van Leeuwenhoek


3.The 'Queen of drugs' is known to
A) Pencilin
B) Bromin
C) Insulin
D) Analgin


4.Smoking can cause
A) fever
B) tooth ache
C) injury
D) lung cancer

lung cancer 

5.The expansion of CMWSSB
A) Chennal Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewage Board
B) Chennai Municipality Water Supply & Sewage Board
C) Cudallore Municipalits, Water Supply & Sewage Board
D) Coimbatore Municipality Water Supply & Sewage Board

Chennal Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewage Board  

6. The size of atoms and molecules are measured in
A) metre
B) milli metre
C) nanometre
D) picometre


7. Force of attraction between the molecules in water exert,
A) Atomic force
B) Intermolecular force
C) Magnetic force
D) Vanderwall's force

Intermolecular force  

8. Gas is ______
A) having a definite volume
B) no definite shape
C) compressible
D) all the above

all the above 

9. LPG means
A) Liquefied Petroleum Gas
B) Leave Play Ground
C) Light Petroleum Gas
D) Low Petroleum Gas

  Liquefied Petroleum Gas 

10.CNG means
A) Chennai Narcotic Group
B) Compressed Natural Gas
C) Cows Natural Gas
D) Chief Nature Group

Compressed Natural Gas  

11.The colour of phenolphthalein in basic medium is
A) red
B) blue
C) colourless
D) pink


12.The colour of Lichens when put in distilled water is
A) rose
B) yellow
C) purple
D) black


13.Acid reacts with metals to produce
A) hydrogen
B) nitrogen
C) oxygen
D) chlorine


14.Acids have a taste of
A) sour
B) sweet
C) bitter .
D) none


15.King of chemicals is
A) Sulphuric Acid
B) Nitric acid
C) Hydrochloric acid
D) Lactic acid

Sulphuric Acid  

16.The 'strongest acid in the world is
A) Sulphuric acid
B) Nitric acid
C) Hydrochloric acid
D) Fluorosulphuric acid

Fluorosulphuric acid 

17.Lactic acid is present in
A) lemon juice
B) milk
C) coffee
D) rice


18.The process of converting solid directly into vapour state known as
A) melting
B) evaporation
C) sublimation
D) freezing


19.A solid can change into liquid on heating is called
A) melting
B) evaporation
C) sublimation
D) freezing


20.The essential ingredients for rusting of iron are
A) O2 and water
B) 11, and water
C) Water only
D) H2 and O2

O2 and water  

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