Nov 28, 2013


Quiz:009 General Science for all exams -tnpsc group-2 online exams

GK Quiz:009 General Science for all exams


This Exams Mainly helps in All Competitive exams.
This exam helps for the following exams:
Tnpsc all exams,TET, SSC exams, IBPS exams, RRB, Bank exams, IAS, IPS Exams

1.One cubic centimeter is otherwise known as
A) 1 milli meter
B) 1 milli liter
C) 1 centi meter
D) 1 kilo meter

1 milli liter  

2.Volume of liquid is measured in
A) Kilograms
B) Seconds
C) Meters
D) Litres


3.Volume of the regular object is obtained by
A) base area x height
B) length x length
C) length x breadth
D) None of these

base area x height   

4.The space occupied by a body is called its
A) area
B) density
C) length X length
D) volume


5.The formula to find out the area of the circle is
A) 12 bh
B) lb
C) l2
D) πr2


6. The measure of the surface is known as
A) length
B) area
C) volume
D) density


7. Length, time and mass are called
A) fundamental quantities
B) derived quantities
C) fundamental units
D) derived units

fundamental quantities  

8. One square metre is the area enclosed inside a square of side,
A) 1 cm.
B) 1 km.
C) 1 trim.
D) 1 m.

1 m  

9.  If the area of the surface is 100 m2 then each side will be
A) 10 m.
B) 10 km.
C) 10 cm.
D) 10 mm.

  10 m  

10.Area of agricultural field is measured in
A) cm, m.
B) m, km.
C) km, mm.
D) acre and hectare

acre and hectare  

11.One metre ______  feet
A) 32.8 feet
B) 3.28 feet
C) 328 feet
D) 3280 feet

3.28 feet    

12.If the time taken for 20 oscillations in 20 sec., then the time taken for one oscillation will be
A) 20 sec.
B) 2 sec.
C) 1 sec.
D) 200 sec.

1 sec  

13.The unit used to measure the distance of Sun is known as
A) Astronomical unit
B) Kilometer
C) Meter
D) Centimeter

Astronomical unit 

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