Jan 19, 2014


GK & Current Affairs: January 9-10, 2014

GK & Current Affairs: January 9-10, 2014

1. Who among the following has won the FIFA Ballon d’ Or award for 2013?
[A]Lionel Messi
[B]Cristiano Ronaldo
[C]Franck Ribery
[D]Manuel Neuer

Cristiano Ronaldo
The Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo picked up the FIFA Ballon d’Or for a second time after being named the world’s greatest footballer at a ceremony in Zurich. Ronaldo, who ended Lionel Messi’s four-year domination of the honor, polled 1,365 points in the voting, 160 ahead of Barcelona forward Messi with Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery third on 1,127.

2. According to Indian Council for Medical Research report, which of the following cities has largest number of child cancer cases in the country?

Chennai has largest number of child cancer cases in the country, with 159 new cases per 10 lakh population reported every year. National capital Delhi stood at second place with 149 new cases, according to the population-based study by the Indian Council for Medical Research on prevalence of cancer among children (under the age of 14).

3. Recently, South Korean steel maker giant POSCO has received environment clearance from the MoEF to set up steel plant in which state?
[D]West Bengal

POSCO has received environment clearance from the Union ministry of Environment and Forest for a steel plant of Rs 52000 crore in Odisha with an annual production capacity of 12 million tones. The project was in the pipeline for clearance for past eight years and this approval will pave way for the largest FDI investment ever in the country.

4. Which among the following has been adjudged “Best Motion Picture” at 71st annual Golden Globe Awards?
[A]American Hustle
[C]12 Years a Slave
[D]The Wolf of Wall Street

12 Years a Slave

5. The term “Wavetable Synthesis” is related to _____?

Wavetable synthesis is used in certain digital music synthesizers to implement a restricted form of real-time additive synthesis.

6. Recently, which of the following has become the first “5S” certified public sector enterprises in the steel industry?

Rastriya Ispat Nigam Ltd (Visakapatnam Steel Plant) has achieved the plant-level certification in “5S” Work Place Management System. The Navaratna Company has become the first 5S certified public sector enterprise in the steel industry.

7. World Hindi Diwas is being observed every year on ___?
[A]January 6
[B]January 7
[C]January 9
[D]January 10

January 10
World Hindi Diwas is being observed every year on January 10.

8. In computer terminology DPI refers to: ____?
[A]Data Process Information
[B]Dots Per Inch
[C]Data Programme Information
[D]Data Protocol Integration

Dots Per Inch

9. Ariel Sharon, who passed away recently, was a former Prime Minister of which country?

Areil Sharon, was 11th Prime Minister of Israel. On September 2003, Sharon became first Prime Minister of Israel to visit India, he remarked India as one of the most important countries in the world.

10. Which among the following countries has claimed that it overtook the United States as the world’s top trading nation, recently?

China has claimed that it is very likely that it overtook the US as the world’s top trading nation, a title US has held for decades.

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