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Home » » Quiz:003 General Science for all exams | TNPSC, TET, IBPS, IAS, SSC, UPSC Online Quiz

Quiz:003 General Science for all exams | TNPSC, TET, IBPS, IAS, SSC, UPSC Online Quiz

Written By REMO RK on Nov 18, 2013 | 18.11.13

1.Intracellular pressure is maintained by
A) Golgi bodies
B) Nucleus
C) Mitochondria
D) Vacuoles


2.Anton Van Leeuwenhoek discovered
C) Platelets
D) Cytoplasm


3.The organism which is not affected by any kind of disease is
A) Elephant
B) Crocodile
C) Blue whale
D) Shark


4.HIV was discovered in the year
A) 1675
B) 1984
C) 1900
D) 1884


5.Bacteria was discovered in
A) 1675
B) 1984
C) 1900
D) 1884


6.The bacterial disease is
A) Swine flue
B) Jaundice
C) Polio
D) Tuberculosis


7. Which of the following is not a viral disease?
B) Chicken pox
C) Anthrax
D) Jaundice


8.Origin of species' was written by
A) Charles Darwin
B) Hms.. Beagle
C) Max Knoll
D) Ernst Ruska

Charles Darwin

9.Origin of spices was published in the year
A) 1859
B) 1759
C) 1659
D) 1959


10.Bacteria was discovered by
A) William Harvey
B) Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
C) Robert White Head
D) Alfred Nobel

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek 

11.HIV was first discovered by
A) Ernst Ruska
B) Max Knoll
C) Robert Brown
D) Robert Gallo

Robert Gallo

12.The farmer's enemies are
A) Locusts
B) Butterfly
C) Dragonfly
D) Snail


13.Electron microscope was discovered by
A) Emst Ruska & Max Knoll
B) Robert Brown
C) William Harvey
D) Alfred Nobel

Emst Ruska & Max Knoll 

14.Viruses can be seen through only
A) Microscope
B) Electron microscope
C) Telescope I
D) Kalaidoscope

Electron microscope

15.Mosquito eradication day is
A) October 10
B) October 05
C) October 30
D) October 20

October 20

16.Respiratory diseases are caused by polluted
A) land
B) soil
C) water
D) air


17.The worms used in marketing vermi compost is
A) book worms
B) round worms
C) earth worms
D) tape worms

earth worms

18.The process of converting bio-degradable wastes Into manure is called
A) land filling
B) reuse
C) composting
D) incineration


19.The non-biodegradable waste is
A) food remains'
B) aluminium foils
C) sewage
D) tea dust

aluminium foils

20.The percentage of water used for drinking in the world is
A) 1%
B) 10%
C) 3%
D) 5%


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