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11th Standard previous year Question Papers

Previous Year Plus One Quarterly Exam Question Papers Free Download

Sl.NoName of the SubjectYear/Meium View PdfDownload Pdf
0111th Quarterly Computer Science2009/English Medium 
0111th Quarterly Tamil First Paper2010 View Pdf Download
0211th Quarterly Tamil Second Paper  2010View PdfDownload
0311th Quarterly English First Paper2010View PdfDownload
0411th Quarterly English Second Paper 2010View PdfDownload
0511th Quarterly Maths 2011/ Tamil Medium View PdfDownload
0611th Quarterly Biology2011/ Tamil MediumView PdfDownload
0711th Quarterly Chemistry2011/ Tamil MediumView PdfDownload pdf
0811th Quarterly Physics2011/ Tamil MediumView PdfDownload pdf
0911th Quarterly Tamil First Paper2012/ Tamil MediumView PdfDownload pdf
1011th Quarterly Tamil second Paper2012/ Tamil MediumView PdfDownload pdf
1111th Quarterly Biology2012/ Tamil MediumView PdfDownload pdf
1211th Quarterly Chemistry2012/ Tamil MediumView PdfDownload pdf
1311th Quarterly English 2nd Paper2012/ Tamil MediumView PdfDownload pdf
1411th Quarterly english First Paper2012/ Tamil MediumView PdfDownload pdf
1511th Quarterly zoology2012/ Tamil MediumView PdfDownload pdf
1611th Quarterly Tamil first paper2013-14/ Language
Download pdf
1711th Quarterly Tamil 2nd paper2013-14/ Language
Download pdf
1811th Quarterly English First paper2013-14/ Language
Download pdf
1911th Quarterly economics2013-14/ English MediumDownload pdf
2011th Quarterly Computer Science2013English MediumDownload pdf
2111th Quarterly Maths {Chennai District]2013English MediumDownload
2211th Quarterly Tamil 2nd paper2014/ Language
2311th Quarterly Tamil First Paper2014/ Language
Download pdf
2411th Quarterly Maths  (K.K Dist)2014Tamil MediumDownload
2511th Quarterly Zoology (K.K Dist)2014Tamil MediumDownload
2611th Quarterly Physics (K.K Dist)2014Tamil MediumDownload
2711th Quarterly Chemistry (K.K Dist)2014Tamil MediumDownload
2811th Quarterly English First Paper (K.K Dist)2014
2911th Quarterly English 2nd Paper (K.K Dist)2014
3011th Quarterly Biology T.M (K.K Dist)2014Tamil Medium********
3111th Quarterly Tamil First Paper 20152015
3211th Quarterly Tamil 2nd Paper 20152015
3311th Quarterly English First Paper 20152015
3411th Quarterly English 2nd Paper 20152015
3511th Quarterly Maths Tamil Medium 20152015Tamil MediumDownload
3611th Quarterly Commerce Tamil Medium 20152015Tamil MediumDownload
3711th Quarterly Accountancy Tamil Medium 20152015Tamil MediumDownload
3811th Quarterly Economics Tamil Medium 20152015Tamil MediumDownload
3911th Quarterly Physics Tamil Medium 20152015Tamil MediumDownload
4011th standard Quarterly exam Tamil Paper-I 2015 (TNV DIST)2015-16
4111th standard Quarterly exam Tamil Paper-II 2015 (TNV DIST)2015-16
4211th standard Quarterly exam English Paper-I 2015 (TNV DIST)2015-16
4311th standard Quarterly exam Zoology 2015 (TNV DIST)2015-16Tamil MediumDownload
4411th standard Quarterly exam Tamil Paper-I 2016 (KK DIST)2016-17
4511th standard Quarterly exam Maths 2016 (KK DIST)2016-17English MediumDownload
4611th standard Quarterly exam EMA-I 2016 (KK DIST)2016-17Tamil  MediumDownload
4711th standard Quarterly exam Biology  2016 (KK DIST)2016-17English  MediumDownload
111th First Midterm Tamil 2010/ LanguageView PdfDownload pdf
211th First Midterm English 2010/ Tamil mediumView PdfDownload pdf
311th First Midterm Maths 2010/ Tamil mediumView PdfDownload pdf
411th First Midterm Physics 2010/ Tamil mediumView PdfDownload pdf
511th First Midterm Chemistry 2010/ Tamil mediumView PdfDownload pdf
611th First Midterm Biology 2010/ Tamil mediumView PdfDownload pdf
711th First Midterm Tamil  20142014/ Language
Download pdf
811th First Midterm Botany 20142014/ Tamil medium
911th First Midterm English 20142014/  Language
1011th First Midterm Physics 20142014/ Tamil Medium
1111th First Midterm Chemistry 20142014/ Tamil Medium
1211th First Midterm Zoology 20142014/ Tamil Medium
1311th First Midterm Computer science 20142014/ English Medium
1411th First Midterm Maths 20152015/ Tamil Medium
1511th First Midterm Chemistry 20152015/ Tamil Medium
1611th First Midterm English -II Paper (Kanyakumari dist)2015/ Language
1711th First Midterm Biology TM2015/ Tamil Medium
1811th First Midterm English (TNV Dist)2015
1911th First Midterm Botany  2016 Tamil Medium2016
2011th First Midterm Physics  2016 Tamil Medium2016
111th 2nd Midterm Tamil 2009/ LanguageDownload pdf
211th 2nd Midterm Tamil 2013-14LanguageDownload pdf
311th 2nd Midterm Maths 2013-14LanguageDownload pdf
411th 2nd Midterm Physics 2013-14English MediumDownload pdf
511th 2nd Midterm Chemistry 2013-14English MediumDownload pdf
611th 2nd Midterm Biology 2013-14English MediumDownload pdf
711th 2nd Midterm Maths 2014Tamil MediumDownload
811th 2nd Midterm Tamil (KK DIST)2014LanguageDownload
911th 2nd Midterm Tamil (TNV DIST)2014LanguageDownload
1011th 2nd Midterm English (TNV DIST)2014LanguageDownload
1111th 2nd Midterm Chemistry T.M  2014Tamil MediumDownload
1211th 2nd Midterm English Paper-II 20152015LanguageDownload
1311th 2nd Midterm Maths TM 20152015Tamil MediumDownload
1411th 2nd Midterm  Tamil Paper-I 20152015LanguageDownload
1511th 2nd Midterm  Physics 2015 Tamil Medium2015TirunelveliDownload
1611th 2nd Midterm  Botany 2015 Tamil Medium2015TirunelveliDownload
1711th 2nd Midterm  English 20152015TirunelveliDownload
1811th 2nd Midterm  Tamil 20152015TirunelveliDownload
2911th Half Yearly Tamil First Paper 2010-11LanguageDownload pdf
3011th Half Yearly Tamil 2nd Paper 2010-11LanguageDownload pdf
3111th Half Yearly English Ist paper 2010-11LanguageDownload pdf
3211th Half Yearly English 2nd Paper 2010-11LanguageDownload pdf
3311th Half Yearly Biology 2010-11Tamil MediumDownload pdf
3411th Half Yearly Chemistry 2010-11Tamil MediumDownload pdf
3511th Half Yearly Physics 2010-11Tamil MediumDownload pdf
3611th Half Yearly Maths 2010-11Tamil MediumDownload pdf
3711th Half Yearly Tamil First paper 2013-14LanguageDownload pdf
3811th Half Yearly Tamil 2nd paper 2013-14LanguageDownload pdf
3911th Half Yearly Physics 2013-14English MediumDownload pdf
4011th Half Yearly English First paper 2013-14LanguageDownload pdf
4111th Half Yearly English 2nd paper 2013-14LanguageDownload pdf
4211th Half Yearly Biology English Medium 2013-14English MediumDownload pdf
4311th Half Yearly Maths 2013-14English MediumDownload pdf
4411th Half Yearly Tamil First Paper2014-15
4511th Half Yearly Tamil 2nd Paper2014-15
4611th Half Yearly English First Paper2014-15
4711th Half Yearly English IInd Paper2014-15
4711th Half Yearly Computer Science2014-15English MediumDownload
4811th Half Yearly Physics TM2014-15Tamil MediumDownload
4811th Half Yearly Physics EM2014-15English  MediumDownload
4911th Half Yearly Chemistry TM2014-15Tamil MediumDownload
4911th standard Half Yearly Chemistry2014-15English MediumDownload
5011th Half Yearly Maths TM2014-15Tamil MediumDownload
5011th Half Tamil Paper-I2015-16
5011th Half Tamil Paper-II2015-16
5011th Half English Paper-I2015-16
5011th Half Yearly Computer Science2014-15English MediumDownload
5011th Half Yearly Maths TM2014-15Tamil MediumDownload
4411th Annual Exam Tamil First paper 2013-14LanguageDownload pdf
4511th Annual Exam Physics paper 2012-13Tamil MediumDownload pdf
4611th Annual Exam Chemistry paper 2012-13Tamil MediumDownload pdf
4711th Annual Exam English First paper 2013-14LanguageDownload pdf
4811th Annual Exam Tamil paper-I 2014-15LanguageDownload pdf
4911th Annual Exam Tamil paper-II 2014-15LanguageDownload pdf
5011th Annual Exam English paper-I 2014-15LanguageDownload pdf
5111th Annual Exam English paper-II 2014-15LanguageDownload pdf
5211th Annual Exam Maths 2014-15Tamil MediumDownload pdf
5311th Annual Exam Physics 2014-15Tamil MediumDownload pdf

Plus one 2014-15 Annual Exam Question paper

Plus one 2015-16 Annual Exam Question paper

1. 11th standard 3rd midterm question paper 2014-15 - Tamil  -Download
2. 11th standard 3rd midterm question paper 2014-15 - Physics Tamil Medium -View | Download
3. 11th standard 3rd midterm question paper 2014-15 - Maths Tamil Medium -Download
4. 11th standard 3rd midterm question paper 2014-15 - English  -Download
1. 11th standard 3rd midterm question paper 2015-16 - Maths Tamil Medium -View | Download
2. 11th standard 3rd midterm question paper 2015-16 - Biology Tamil Medium -Download
3. 11th standard 3rd midterm question paper 2015-16 - Chemistry Tamil Medium -Download


i want the question papers in english medium please grand this help

Good job...very useful diz site

i need +1 quarterly maths questions past years (English medium)

i need +1 commerce accoutancy
computer science economics 2010,2011,2012[english medium]

Please send me tamilnadu samacheer kalvi 10th october & November monthly and half yearly question papers. Further I need Plus one and plus two Accountancy commerce question papers.
Kindly send me email:

sir kindly upload the +1 Economics,accounts, Commerce tamil medium question paper

Sir, Kindly update 11th and 12th Commerce group question papers (Accountancy, Commerce, Economics, Computer Science and History)

can i get previous annual exam papers??

can u please upload previous years - annual exam papers in English medium

Sir can u upload previous year common board papers. Pls. N in english medium

sir..plz send english medium 11th maths prev yr annual ques paper...its urgent sir...

i want annual question paper for 11

i want previous year 2012-2013 maths annual exam question paper for 11th send me soon

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give me up : alternative method sending english method ....

Can anyone please tell me where to find the 11th standard state board question papers please urgent.......

kindly upload biology-english medium halfyearly question paper !!

sir, i want business maths question papers

thanks for this good job!we want 11th question papers(annual-old)!!

i want 11th biology 2013 halfyearly question paper

i want 11 th physics questions answer key

can i get state board 11th maths question paper 2013 2014 tamil nadu/////???

can u upload common exam 11th maths question paper 2013- 2014 ??????

english medium please for all questions

this site is useful but i need answers tooo plss upload key answers will you plss ......

Commerce And Accountancy ????? Please Take care of Those Too Please .

11th std 2nd midterm question&answer key please send

i need 11th n 12th important question papers wid answers in english medium
thanks u in advance

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sir i want 2010 all qa paper and 2013 chemistryqa its urgent i need to make use of these holidays so pls pls pls send qa papers soon as possible

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I want 11th biology 2013 halfyearly question paper

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kindly upload all samacheer 11th standard english medium question papers

I need 11th std common exam question paper

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Sir / madam,
this is really helpful but i want 11th annual exam MATHS Question paper.

Sir / madam,
this is really helpful but i want 11th annual exam MATHS Question paper.

can someone send 2015 coimbatore district common ques paper for bio? pls... its urgent... if yes pls reply

can someone send me the common exam question paper of chemistry in english medium for 11th std {previous year question paper

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I want 11th state board syllabus tamil quarterly question paper
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Pl update English medium tmilnadu plus one Commerce, Economics, Accountancy, Business Mathematics, Sanskrit subjects question papers of all mid term, quarterly, , half yearly, annual exams. It is urgently required for me. Pl help.

PLEASE HELP Tamil medium tamilnadu plus one maths, computer science,phy,chemis subjects question papers of all quarterly,half yearly,annual exams.It is urgently required for me pl help.

please upload English medium quarterly question paper as soon as possible.

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I need +1 french quarterly question paper

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it would be better if there were more question papers in the english medium for reference. i can only see many tamil papers for half yearly which isnt being helpful.


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Kindly upload the french question papers

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english medium chemistry papers pls

I need only English medium
Upload chemistry EM

can u upload important question bank for 11th common exam.

Ur website is good but English medium students are at disadvantage.

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Pls share the previous year question paper of Business Mathematics for 11th standard. Even one question paper is not available. Kindly do the needful at the earliest. Regards

I want annual question papers in English

Pls upload physics,biology,maths,chemistry in English medium

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i want ques papers in English....atleast Maths

I want economic quaterly question paper in 2014

please give some importance to 11th std also.....i find no common
preparatory questions here

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I want business maths question papers please

Please I urgently need the common annual exam 11th std question papers of a few past years in english medium.. for physics biology chemistry and maths.. Kindly help. Please send the papers to my mail:

provide english medium question papers Sir!! ����

concentrate on english medium .provide annual QP FOR 11TH OF ALL SUBJECTS in english medium as parallel to this set of QP

i need french question paper pls do make that available and commerce,accounts,economics

Respected Sir, As hindi is a subject in samacheer kalvi even those hindi papers should be available for the students. But that has not done. Please provide hindi papers too....

pls upload question papers in english

can i have the answer keys too,pls!!

can i also have the question papers for 11th std commerce, economics, accountancy and business mathematics, plz

i need 11th English 1 & 2 common question paper 2016

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I need the question papers of computer science of 11th standard, it is hard to find here and almost not done. and maximum of you question paper sets don't have the computer science subject.

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Pl update English medium tamilnadu 11th standard Commerce, Economics, Accountancy,computer science, Sanskrit subjects question papers of all mid term, quarterly, , half yearly, annual exams. It is urgently required for me. Pl help.

I want previous years question papers of commerce, economics, business maths, accountancy and Hindi question papers too

Want commerce previous years questions papers..

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i need previous year annual exam (biology )question paper english medium

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I need arts group question papers all subjects in English medium

this website is simplyy...awsome thanks for uploads and thanks to the uploader

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Why can't you help for English medium too?

Why can't you help for English medium too?

please update the 11th std Mat Bio Group sdubjects question papers of the year 2015 & 2016.......PLZ

Could you please upload communicative english quarterly papers?

please arrange for english medium commerce papers

please arrange for english medium commerce papers

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pls ...... can anyone give me commerce quarterly question paper

I need 11th business maths quarterly paper it's very urgent

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I want physics English medium quarterly paper 2015

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i will try. if i get i will upload

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I am asking for commerce half yearly paper EM but i didnt see anything of commerce half yearly paper:( :(

I want question papers in English medium

Halfyearly Economics paper?? Give importance to arts also Please

tn schools is an idiotic website none of the question papers are in english medium

I need 11th business maths & Accountancy half year 2015 question paper it's very urgent

Pls upload business maths paper .......And respond to the comments

Need biology English medium
Upload pannungada

Need biology English medium
Upload pannungada

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Accountancy +1 Question Papers Stateboard needed

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Thanks for your comment